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I've been noticing for a while that I started to post personal stuff friends-only  - while my fandomly rambling and rather inane musings stay open to be read by anyone who comes across this journal. to all of those who read my lj but haven't yet friended me: I DO talk about personal stuff like my friends, my family, my sexuality, my life at university, etc. - there WILL be talk about homosexuality, bisexuality (yes, it DOES exist I'm living proof!), genderfuck or really anything queer that crosses my mind. - and I'll be talking loads and loads about my writing might it be fanfic, original fiction or university-related.

FEEL FREE TO FRIEND ME - if you want me to friend you back, reply to this post. I'll be happy to get to know you! ^__^

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Summer holidays and such. Still looking for work. At least I did a lot of reading. Two books by Stephen Fry The Liar and The Hippopotamus - hilarious and really strange but that's to be expected. ^^ The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson (took me quite a while it's so looooong and quite taxing to read because of all the POV switches - sometimes in the middle of a sentence. It's quite mind fuck-y) speaking of mind fuck! I also read Mind Fuck by Manna Francis. I'm absolutely in love with that one. It's a dystopian gay BDSM hot mess of awesomeness. It's also available online HERE. It's the first book of the Administration Series. I bought the book and am thinking about buying the others. I also read the first five or so of her online short stories which continue the story of Mind Fuck. I highly recommend them ALL OF THEM. Of course only if you're into BDSM! ye be warned! ([ profile] dicingalice this is a MUST READ for you :D)

On the health front I'm under attack from everlasting fatigue also feeling a little dizzy from time to time. Bought some iron pills but I'm not sure if that's all. Probably going to have my blood work checked sooner or later.

And yesterday I rediscovered that I made an lj community which I had completely forgotten. It's [ profile] medieval_metal and it has no members save myself as of yet. So if you're into medieval metal, pagan folk or something similar FEEL FREE TO JOIN :D
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I'm going to spam you more often with entries from now on! Today I phoned my father to kindly ask him to continue giving me money till I find a job that'll make me able to stand on my own two proverbial feet. He's agreed to do that till the end of this term.... herm. well better than nothing. We could talk again in 4 months he said. --- Something else on the money-front: I have another person to tutor! This time it's one of my friends living in the same house as I do, so I won't have to drive through half of Vienna to tutor her. She's Korean and is majoring in Theology. From now on I'll be giving her German lessons each Sunday.


My Dragon Age II obsession is still quite ON. I even joined a new community to celebrate my fangirling: [ profile] i_do_not_brood 


I want a new mood-theme. I still love Junjou Romantica but the pics never quite match the mood. and I'm too lazy to edit them...
So suggestions, anyone? or maybe I'll just wait for someone to make a FENRIS-mood-theme. ahhahaha the obsession, it's hilarious.

[EDIT: well this mood-pic actually is an exception. Usagi looks rather exhausted :D]
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Dragon Age II Signature Edition arrived at my home safely on Friday. Since then I have ignored any but the most basic bodily needs and had a most enjoyable game-marathon. I'm not gonna spoil anything here. Just wanted to inform you that I loved the game and that my grumpy mage fell madly in love with broody Fenris WHAT A SURPRISE! </sarcasm>

I'm seriously running out of money but that's nothing new. I make a little money with tutoring. And I need to tell my dear father that he cannot just stop giving me money (not that it's that much but any money is better than no money) without commenting on it or forewarning me about it. Nasty surprise that...

I don't really wonder why I rather delve into fictional worlds... most of the time I just can't be arsed to care about this annoying thing called reality. Damn I really need to find a job that pays the rent and food and enables me to finish my degree. I have such unique problems ^_~


BAAAAACK to Dragon Age II. Of course I'll have to give it a second playthrough. Rouge this time. Maybe I'll be able to make him a little less fugly than that mage I played with ^^

Also: it's finally getting warmer. I usually enjoy the cold seasons but right now I'm really looking forward to temperatures that allow me to sit on the balcony, writing, smoking, drinking coffee - gah, just thinking about it makes me giddy. ^_^
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I don't even!
my mind is blown.


May. 31st, 2010 11:32 pm
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today I spent with my rediscovered BFF: se intarwebs!  XD and stumbled upon:

- a medieval-fantasy-porn-webcomic - et voilà: Oglaf

- an insane but amusing mutli-fandom animated flash something-thingy video

- some Assassin's Creed fanart full of pretteh [and gay] over at DA - here and also there

enjoy ^_^
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Tonight - I'll be watching some vampires dancing ^_______^
@Ronacher in Vienna

I've already seen it in January with my dad. And since then I've been looking forward to see it again. ^_~ it's that awesome!
And I'm totally in love with the sparkly NEW finale.
Coincidence or fate - last time I saw it Krolock was played by Alexander Di Capri - actual cast would be Thomas Borchert - and today it will be Alex again - though I didn't even pick the date the friend I'm going with chose this evening. And he's ten times more awesome as der Graf than Thomas (sorry, lad).
The stage design's also fantabulous.
oh and Herbert is awesome too ^_~

I'm going to be one happy happy fangirl tonight ^____^
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to honour this awesome series of Naruto parodies I should probably make a Kakashi/David Bowie icon...

enjoy nr. 4 & 5

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yesterday I broke my poor little pinky toe ;_; and today's the first beautiful day in AGES all with sun-shine and warmer temperatures. but guess who's not going for a walk today ;;_;;

well the doctor said it'd be better in 3-4 days. but today this little thing knows how to hurt.
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Anne Rice crapped wrote a new book: ANGEL TIME: The Songs of the Seraphim.

No I have NOT read it. probably won't ever. but seriously Angel Assassins. ANGEL ASSASSINS!? hi-fucking-larious. (yeah, and we thought the Bible fiction was awkward...)

glimpsed @ [ profile] bookfails  here

EDIT: and even worse the Angel Assassins are a lie!
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back in Vienna! YAYS!

In 2009, _che_shire_cat_ resolves to...
Pay for my languages on time.
Spend more time with my vampires.
Find a better kakashi.
Take lauren_kochava roleplaying.
Ask my boss for an absinthe.
Connect with my inner deconstruction.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

find a BETTER Kakashi?! surely you jest!
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ye gods! I'm sooo hungover from yesterday's christmas party...... I'll be in my bed recovering from all that beer & sambuca and whatever else I might have drunk.............
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30 Seconds To Mars, in Vienna 19.03.2010 - anyone interested?
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just came back from my Japanese Theorie 1 mid-term-exam. rather dire experience my Japanese vocabulary is still more or less nonexistent.. so yeah... but who cares about rl stuff anyway?! ^^

This entry solely exists to tell you that Dragon Age: Origins is the most awesome game in ga(y)ming history! BioWare I love you so hard right now!!! I've been playing it for a week or so now (what illegal downloads? me?! you surly jest!) and finally bought the collector's edition with shiny new fun-stuff. HOORAY!

For maximum fangirly obsession purposes I recommend: [ profile] zevran - the community dedicated to the worship of awesome Zevran "fanbait extraordinaire. Born in an Antivian whorehouse, sold at a young age to the Antivian Crows and trained by them to be an assassin, Zevran will happily hop into bed with your character if you ask. And if you don't ask, he'll do the asking." (quoted from the community info, because it made me snort^^). [ profile] dragon_age and [ profile] capslock_da. YES CAPSLOCK_DA! I LOVE CAPSLOCK COMMUNITIES! THEIR INSANITY KEEPS ME SANE!!!11!!1!!ELEVENTY!!! *cough*

look forward to fear many more Dragon Age obsessed entries in the future. full with screen caps, videos and maybe even stick-figure porn fun. for [ profile] dicingalice drew such awesome Naruto stick-figures I just might not be able to resist...
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recent Naruto chapter 474 makes me D: and !! and no WAY and ;_; also *_* but mostly ;;;_;;;

anyone reading the recent chaps, dear f-list?

thar be MASSIVE spoilers )
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dearest Zeus on Olympus! Have Bleach filler ever been so [ profile] capslock_bleach to illustrate my point.
← by [profile] yukari_kaiba
and have some caps as well )

and as if that weren't enough they also have to put two of my favourite characters into a swordfight full of innuendo. as if that shinigami's cup from WAY BACK wouldn't already have me sold to the craptasticity that is Ken-chan/Byakun. in case you forgot (how COULD you?!) here's a small reminder:

and: LOL Mayuri's such a practical guy!
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Finally watched the unaired episode of Dollhouse S01E13 Epitaph One.

I have no words. This episode is awesome. A total mindblow and to me it was what Dollhouse should be like. Mindscrewing awesome. Of course they did not air that episode because it might have happened that someone suddenly would have thought Dollhouse might be a really cool show about what actually might happen if you create Dolls and what consequences as a whole (not "only" concerning the Dolls) that technology would and could have.

If they don't touch some of those issues this season I don't think the show deserves to come back for another. Because seriously most of the episodes suck, the issues they touch only scrap the surface of what gets unearthed in "Epitaph One". I've been asking myself why this show didn't feel innovative at all, why it never really bothered me or had me thinking about the concept of "creating humans".. Sure they make an issue about morals and most of the time try to show that it's really unethical. Well DUH of course it is. That's not really surprising. But with this episode they finally got me I'm finally fascinated. yays. problem is - as it looks now - it might well remain the only episode that manages that. But at least it gave me some tiny spark of faith that Joss Whedon really does know how to blow your mind... If only they'd let him...


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