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Finally watched the unaired episode of Dollhouse S01E13 Epitaph One.

I have no words. This episode is awesome. A total mindblow and to me it was what Dollhouse should be like. Mindscrewing awesome. Of course they did not air that episode because it might have happened that someone suddenly would have thought Dollhouse might be a really cool show about what actually might happen if you create Dolls and what consequences as a whole (not "only" concerning the Dolls) that technology would and could have.

If they don't touch some of those issues this season I don't think the show deserves to come back for another. Because seriously most of the episodes suck, the issues they touch only scrap the surface of what gets unearthed in "Epitaph One". I've been asking myself why this show didn't feel innovative at all, why it never really bothered me or had me thinking about the concept of "creating humans".. Sure they make an issue about morals and most of the time try to show that it's really unethical. Well DUH of course it is. That's not really surprising. But with this episode they finally got me I'm finally fascinated. yays. problem is - as it looks now - it might well remain the only episode that manages that. But at least it gave me some tiny spark of faith that Joss Whedon really does know how to blow your mind... If only they'd let him...
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AWWWWWW. I tell you people: watch Merlin! I don't care if you think it's cheesy and soppy. it has HOYAY (in every possible meaning and constellations) and it's super cute. and it has ANTHONY HEAD. And pouty-mouthed Arthur. oh and I'm in love with both Morgana and Nimue - how's that even possible? I don't know. (there should be femslash!) OH, and it has a DRAGON! (with a tremendous slash-spirit, BELIEVE IT!) and it's so magical and mythical and totally screws up the so-called Arthurian-canon - it blows your mind - in a good way.

ramblebamble. it's 06:06 AM I should go to sleep. should be asleep already but damn download of Merlin's season finale took so long and I've been way to curious to wait till tomorrow - which is now today. Ah, it get's so confusing not sleeping at night and being all tired and brain is addled with lovey-dovey Arthur/Merlin.

tiny spoiler )

(also, Merlin almost makes me feel like back then in ye old days when Princess Fantaghiro introduced me to a whole new world of fantasy and magic and also induced my first dark-wizard crush, I still love you best TARABAS <3)

EDIT: Oh and how awsome is it that Uther hates magic not because of some fucked up christian reasoning!? I hate all that Merlin book/movies/shows/... that do that. (and the WORST absolute WORST is the book-raping movie version of The Mists of Avalon - but I better NOT get started on that imense amount of fail right now.) ( though Uthers mentioning of "a guardian angel" made me a little afraid...)

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so now that I've finally seen the whole of House MD seasons 1 and 2 (yes I'm - as usually - far behind...)

I started to rewatch (via veoh) Due South (recently watched the pilot and now 1x06) - aww the reminiscing! and even though I watched this first when I'd been about 11 years old (an age shortly before discovering homoeroticism and before fangirling over shonen-ai and yaoi and subtexts anywhere excessively) I remember that I always thought that Fraser and Ray feel quite like there was romance in the air...  [and besides: a great thing about watching Due South now, is that [personal profile] truepenny (Sarah Monette) has written a short comment/analysis for each episode, ongoing.]

besides that i watch (also via veoh) Freaks and Geeks. I haven't yet decided what to think of it. I don't do teenage-drama/comedy or coming of age stuff well. young ignorant kids that bully the weaker ones just annoy me to no end. but we'll see about that one. It seems geeky enough to amuse me.
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na gut. bei den hist. gründungsmythen darf ich wohl nicht partizipieren. (die bücher, die ich für dieses PS schon erstanden hätte (2 reclams also ich hab mich nicht damit ruiniert), werd ich aber trotzdem lesen.)

morgen ist dann die germanistik anmeldung. online von zu hause aus. immerhin.

ooohhh und ich bin jetzt endlich stolze besitzerin der firefly DVD-Box.

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no need to be mentioned that it's the best series ever. absolutely no need.


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