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Dragon Age II Signature Edition arrived at my home safely on Friday. Since then I have ignored any but the most basic bodily needs and had a most enjoyable game-marathon. I'm not gonna spoil anything here. Just wanted to inform you that I loved the game and that my grumpy mage fell madly in love with broody Fenris WHAT A SURPRISE! </sarcasm>

I'm seriously running out of money but that's nothing new. I make a little money with tutoring. And I need to tell my dear father that he cannot just stop giving me money (not that it's that much but any money is better than no money) without commenting on it or forewarning me about it. Nasty surprise that...

I don't really wonder why I rather delve into fictional worlds... most of the time I just can't be arsed to care about this annoying thing called reality. Damn I really need to find a job that pays the rent and food and enables me to finish my degree. I have such unique problems ^_~


BAAAAACK to Dragon Age II. Of course I'll have to give it a second playthrough. Rouge this time. Maybe I'll be able to make him a little less fugly than that mage I played with ^^

Also: it's finally getting warmer. I usually enjoy the cold seasons but right now I'm really looking forward to temperatures that allow me to sit on the balcony, writing, smoking, drinking coffee - gah, just thinking about it makes me giddy. ^_^
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back from Croatia and Slowenia.

I keep promising myself to post more frequently but I'm such a lazy bum.

I'm about to finish Havemercy by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett which I'm enjoing very very much. but it has mechanical-magical dragons and a gay wizard so that doesn't really come as a surprise... ahem.
Fire from Heaven by Mary Renault seems decent so far. I've only read about one third of it. Haven't read a historical novel in ages so I'm delighted that it hasn't bored me for a second.

I'll have to stop ignoring the fact that I still have to study for exams from last term. If I start tomorrow I should have enough time to finish the books and get my literary history in order.

I'll be fangirling about my new obsession Kuroshitsuji as soon as I finish the 1st season. only 4 eps left.

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ordered pizza. too lazy to cook and frigde is empty anyway. going to watch the very last stargate sg-1 episode. spent the last weeks occasionally watching the whole series. might have to watch stargate atlantis next. and the movies. but exams are coming up so I'll be busy with reading and studying and translating Latin to German and vice versa and what not.

started to read Stiller by Max Frisch. yes I finally started to read some German "classic" literatur again. I noticed that I haven't read much yet this year and it's already June! this cannnot be tolerated! next on the list is to finish Karl Kraus' Dritte Walpurgisnacht. and there's still much to be read from my reading list for the Deutsche Literaturgeschichte 1500-1848 examn... for which I'll hopefully can still get an apointment with the Prof to actually take the exam........ as it is a course from last term.... LAZY ME! oh well...

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haven't been posting much, have I? just here to tell you that I'm still alive an' all.

short reading update: I've finished Storm Constantine's Wraeththu and it was awesome. Aside from those books (the first 3) being definitely well written with quite a larger vocabulary than I'm used to in fantasy-literature, they are also full of rich and intriguing characters and the plot leaves nothing to wish for (except the desire for even more than those 800 or so pages. which you can actually get by buying even more books that take place in the same universe - so no harm done there). If that doesn't already convince you to GO READ IT ALREADY you might have to admit that a world full of prettyful hermaphrodites, yes HERMAPHRODITES as in hermaphroditic hermaphrodites is so very worth diving into. At least I sure as hell love to screw gender. yes, go read. I will tell you time and time again. did I mention it has hermaphrodites?


that's that. other book I read: Corambis by Sarah Monette ([ profile] truepenny ) 4th and last in a series. which makes me a little SAD. but same as the other three I highly enjoyed reading it but I won't say anymore because [ profile] dicingalice  hasn't read it yet.

university-related stuff:

Latin. I really do love it. But it's WAY more difficult than in school and German Philology seems like preschool in comparison. The few lectures I'm attending this term are really time-consuming. they are:

Grundlagen der Grammatik - in which we have to translate German sentences into Latin
Lateinische Lektüre: Ovid, Amores - in which we read and translate - who would have guessed Ovid's Amores
Metrik: in which we learn how to correctly read/pronounce/chant all and anything the Latin metric system has to offer. (that's the most difficult one)

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I fell ill ;_; cough, headache, fever an' all. lying in bed all the time is really BORING. but my aching head affects my eyes and I can't spend too much time reading, watching TV or in front of my computer D:

anyway. I was checking the list of reserved/reported Diplomarbeitsthemen (diploma thesis topics) for German Philology. I STILL don't know what my topic will/should be. it's not THAT urgent as I'm not yet ready to start working on it... BUT I really should be thinking about it... and therefore I started reading aforementioned list for inspiration.

I like those:

Literarische Bearbeitungen des Phaedra- Mythos
Der Dialog in Ingeborg Bachmanns Roman Malina
Deutschsprachige Star Trek-Fan Fiction. Genre, Kanäle, Motive (--> yep, Star Trek Fan Fiction -- AWESOME -- maybe I shouold write about slash fanfic? that'd be way too much fun. or I could write about media adaption: writing fanfiction for manga/anime LOL)
"Von Hexentieren, Gelehrten und Gefährten" - die Katze in der Literatur der deutschen Romantik
Ingeborg Bachmann und Ludwig Wittgensteins "Philosophische Untersuchungen"
Die Stiefmutter in den Grimmschen Märchen (I loled)
\"Seht euch die Lilien an, entspringt nicht Gatte und Gattin auf einem Stengel?\" - Androgynie in Johann Wolfgang von Goethes \"Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre\" (Arbeitstitel)
Tod und Eros in den Exilromanen Klaus Manns
Die Darstellung der Frauenfiguren in Thomas Bernhards \"Auslöschung. Ein Zerfall\"
Michel Foucault und der Homosexualitätsbegriff und der Versuch seiner Anwendung für die Analyse literarischer Texte unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Hubert Fichtes Roman \"Versuch über die Pubertät\"
NS-Sprache in der Dritten Walpurgisnacht von Karl Kraus
Pornographie und Sexualität im Frauenbild der Gegenwartsliteratur
Frauenzeitschriften im Nationalsozialismus

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random stuff, yet again XD

right now downloading 1st episode of Dollhouse the new and hopefully sparkly awesome shiny TV series by Joss Whedon <3 I'm damn curious!!

also! I finally started watching Bleach again. right now I'm watching ep 113! (ok, I admit it I skipped those damn BOUNTO-fillers)

what else? research for my college paper is eating me up - which always drives me to excessive anime-watching so my head won't explode from all that literary and scientific BLATHERING texts of highly intellectual merit. (have been cleaning my room for two days now, so there is not much left to occupy me with to avoid studying/writing.)

ya see...... I got nothing interesting to say, but I felt like updating XD ....sorry....

oh and [ profile] dicingalice  I PHYSICALLY ITCH for a good ol' pen&paper RPG session! something needs to be done!

which reminds me - if you love H.P. Lovecraft - GO READ The Bone Key by Sarah Monette[ profile] truepenny! my copy arrived on Feb. 10th and I read it in one go. it's awesome and I wish there was more! and because I'm lazy I just copy the review I wrote over at*:

"If you like Lovecraft you most probably will love this collection of interconnected stories by Sarah Monette. They are odd and enchanting.
The narrator is a museum archivist. He is a withdrawn bibliophile who tends to attract mysterious beings between life and death. Probably because he holds too much theoretical knowledge about necromancy. (And considering one particular story - it's not only theoretical...)
And I have too add that there is a story about an incubus which is particularly stirring.
I highly recommend this collection, though I'm usually not into short stories. "

* is btw AWESOME. For those who know me in rl they might also know that I'm not only obsessed with reading and buying books but also with cataloging them. Since 2000 I've got list about when I started reading which book, when I finished it and now even where and when I bought it. up to now this list was a vulgar .odt file over at it's a (not yet complete) collection of awesomeness. TRY IT OUT!

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gah. annoying shit.......... - I think I hate interpreting "Komik" and how we recieve it and why or why not and yadda, yadda, yadda in literary/autobiographical works. I think I hate it really much.


me wantes some chai-tea now. gonna make some. blah.
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finally I'm in the mood to write again. this news will hopefully make my dear [ profile] dicingalice  happy as it concerns M&N! amazing, isn't it. I already read the whole thing again to get into mood and "style" AND the best thing: I know what will happen next and how I want to write it. now I just have to find the time...

Latin was fun. Now we have to read Catull's Carmina. As we asked, when he would give us the reading list for the whole semester he surprised us by saying: no, he won't... there won't be a list he'll just tell us every week what we should read till net time... he's definitely a nice guy but he is strange. and he seems to hate Vergil's Aeneis... well I'm curious about his next act of strangeness.

what else. Japanese is way more difficult than I thought. Now I'm challenged and amazingly enough I like it, the challenge that is, that I like Japanese doesn't come as a surprise ^_^

I wish I could write about M&N NOW. but alas... there are three books to be read: Catull: Carmina, Andreas Gryphius: Großmütiger Rechts-Gelehrter, oder Sterbender Aemilius Paulus Papinianus (*shudder* Baroque Tragedy *shudder*), and Thomas Bernhard: Alte Meister (which is a great and hilarious book).


WS 08/09

Oct. 21st, 2008 04:13 pm
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my university timetable is becoming ever more colourful. this time red marks my major courses i.e.: German Philology stuff, purple is Philosophy, blue stands once again for Comparative Literature and my NEW AND SHINY GREEN: Classical Philology YAY! CHEERS! I'm happy I finally decided to study Latin. Don't ask why it took me so long... happy now :) - oh and ORANGE is also something new and exciting: it's a tutorial that will be going on for 2 semesters, it's at the University of Technology, Vienna (yes, it is strange) and they will teach us to read and understand Japanese in only 1 year. amazing, isn't it? I'm sure I will be talking a LOT about this course as the first lesson was already more than awesome(- if strange...).

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got a cold but still did my last exam for my "1.Abschnitt" in German Philology. am rather dead now. have to celebrate LATER when not sick anymore.
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yesterday I bought 10 books for a total of 52€ (which isn't much, they all costed half their usual price). then at home I wrote 1 essay though I should have written two. then I played gothic 3 and when my bf told me he needed his pc I saved and quit the game and went to my room to play sacred.

and I didn't even bother to study. but TODAY I will. have to.

  • have to read a Middle High German book (Iwein by Hartman von Aue) till thursday (june 21st) AND finding something in it to write my seminar paper about.
  • have to finish my dossier and give it to the secretary of my prof. TODAY.
  • have to prepare a speech for june 23rd (yes this week I have to go to university at saturday...)
  • have to study for examn on june 25th
  • have to study for examn on july 3rd
  • have to write another seminar paper till end of july
  • have to get scripts to at least two lectures that I didn't attend frequentliy AND have to study them so I can go to anotehr two exams hopefully one in july and one in september.

this will be fun...
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drugs that keep me sane since three days during my writing marathon and will hopfully do so till tomorrow when I have to hand in my work to the prof: red bull, caffeinated icecream, zigarettes and scrubs.


tomorrow 2 p.m. I will have back my life.

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************* exhaustion *************

4 courses at university in only one day makes cheshirecat a dull girl.........................

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this is what I want my ss to look like. next week we'll see which of the courses I actually will be able to participate in...

tomorrow 09:00 a.m. I'll be at the "sign in" to the comparative literature courses (which officially starts at 10:00 a.m. but you can never be too soon, there will be some who show up at 07:00 a.m. so don't call me a freak... and then on monday (26th) there are those online "sign ins" which work more or less like a reaction test... ah TEH fun o.O ... somehow it makes uni much more unpredictable and somehow in a very strange and deranged manner EXCITING.

still: no love at all to uni-anmeldesystem
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great now I'm really pissed. at myself. never thought this would throw me into a depression like that. yes, it's true, I'm WHINING. Why? weeeelll... this semester I took a history of literature course which I really enjoyed and the prof was just splendid he talked about thousand things like casually making references to a hundreds authors, stories and intertextualities that made just perfect sense. it never got boring everything - made just perfect sense and I only missed ONE of all the lectures of the whole semester.

now a week before the final exam we got a list of questions that would be on the test. I didn't look at them properly and when I did it was already too late to get all the things into my head that would be required to have the chance of passing this exam. this never happened to me before. I always know what to study and though I usually start studying too late I pass and get quite good marks.

thing is, this time I won't. I won't even make the effort of trying. I won't. I'll try it next semester again, doing a WHOLE BUNCH of literary and history research and THEN I will be able to answer those damnable questions.

thing is, we didn't talk about what is going to be asked in the lessons. sooo. as usual I ignored the DAMNABLE LONG SECONDARY-LITERATURE-OF-DOOM-LIST and just read the books and listened to what the prof was telling us. - usually that's the way I pass all my exams at university. I know that's lazy and lame but it kinda works for me - or let's say WORKED.

guess I had to learn it the hard way: NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE CRUELTY OF AN INNOCENTLY LOOKING literary-studies essays list!

argh! but I'm so pissed pissed pissed!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not stupid! well hush... that's the revenge for being ignorant, arrogant and having a know-it-all-affectation. FUCK
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na gut. bei den hist. gründungsmythen darf ich wohl nicht partizipieren. (die bücher, die ich für dieses PS schon erstanden hätte (2 reclams also ich hab mich nicht damit ruiniert), werd ich aber trotzdem lesen.)

morgen ist dann die germanistik anmeldung. online von zu hause aus. immerhin.

ooohhh und ich bin jetzt endlich stolze besitzerin der firefly DVD-Box.

[Error: unknown template video]

no need to be mentioned that it's the best series ever. absolutely no need.
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ok. heute bin ich um halb acht aufgestanden, um mich anhand meines wartelistenplatzes aus dem Germanistik ss 06 für die UE Mittelhochdeutsche Grammatik (brrr) VORANZUMELDEN. das war möglich bei 3-4 (niemand weiß das so genau) Sekretariaten im Zeitraum von 9-12 bzw. 13-16 h. gewissenhafte studentin die ich bin, stand ich um 09:00 dort und durfte mich ans ende einer mindestens50personeschlange stellen. um viertel nach 11:00 ging ich, erfolgreich für die UE meiner Wahl vorangemeldet. hurra.

dann wollte ich mich für ein Zweitstudium anmelden, welches ich auch als Modul für mein Hauptstudium (Germansitik) benutzen zu gedenke. ich fragte eine studentpoint-info-dame, wo man sich anzustellen hätte, wenn man bereits inskribiert sei und noch ein zweites Studium belegen möchte. "tür 7". ... ich zögere, aber die frau ist zu gestresst, als dass ich sie noch einmal anreden wollte. tür 7 also. die kannte ich schon. bei der habe ich mich vor mittlerweile (o mein Gott!) 3 Jahren für die uni wien immatrikuliert und hegte den tiefen wunsch in meinem herzen nie wieder vor dieser tür stundenlang in einer schlange anstehen zu müssen, die um so viele ecken von der tür weg ist, dass man den glauben, jeweils in SICHTWEITE der tür zu gelangen, verlieren könnte. .... ich möchte zu bedenken geben, dass es nun schon halb zwölf war und die Schalter um 12:00 schließen. ich bin dann gegangen. weggegangen.

was geht in so einem moment in einer studentin vor, die in ihrem toleranzsemester ist, der nur noch 8 semesterstunden für den ersten abschnitt fehlen, welche sie nicht in einem semester absolvieren kann, da eine der fehlenden vorraussetzung für eine weitere (logischerweise) ncoh fehlende ist und dadurch nach dem toleranzsemester noch eines in anspruch genommen werden muss (das große glück dieser studentin: ich habe ein 2. toleranzsemester für mein aufopferndes dasein als vorsitzende der heimvertretung mir erschnorren können).

des weiteren sei angemerkt, dass 8 sst NICHT ausreichen um im jahr darauf weiterhin die für die studentin lebensnotwendige studienbeihilfe zu beziehen, und sie sich daher für komparatistik inskirbieren müsste, um MORGEN mich für die lehrveranstaltungen anmelden zu können um darauf folgend mir für mein HAUPTSTUDIUM Germanistik die KOMPARATISTIK-lehrveranstaltungen als MODUL (i.e. freies wahlfach) anrechnen lassen zu können und mit hilfe der durch das MODUL gewonnenen SEMESTERSTUNDEN vielleicht doch die notwendigen 14 SST für meine LEBENSNOTWENDIGE Studienbeihilfe zusammzukratzen. ABER ich konnte mich ja HEUTE nicht mehr inskribieren.

was also geht in so einer studentin vor? eine dezente mischung aus fogendem:

WAS NUN? ganz einfach. ich nehem eine portion eigeninitiative und renn' zum Komparatistik institut (es ist 11:57 das Sekretariat der Komparatistik hat bis um 12:00 h geöffnet). ich finde es in der Berggasse 11. ein altes, verfallendes Haus in dem bereits Freud gewohnt haben könnte (aber der hat ja in der Berggasse Nr. 19 gewohnt). Ich lauf die Stiegen rauf bis in den 2. Stock. Läute und eine FREUNDLICHE Sekretärin öffnet mir OHNE das Gesicht zu verziehen, dass ich es wage, es mir erlaube, 2 Minuten vor Ende ihrer Arbeitszeit noch aufzutauchen.

und jetzt das POSITIVE: ich kann mich MORGEN für meine Komparatistik Lehrveranstaltungen anmelden OHNE VORERST für Komparatistik inskribiert zu sein. Inskribiert sein muss ich bis spätestens zum Erhalt meiner Zeugnisse (nona) und also eigentlich bis spätestens zur NACHFRIST der Inskriptionszeit. was sagt man dazu?!
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mit folgenden lehrveranstaltungen hoffe ich mein bereits enormimmenses wissen kommendes semester auf der nährenden mutter Rudolfina erweitern zu können.

also beten, hoffen und schwitzen, dass alles hinhaut.

rot: germanistik (fehlt nimma viel zum 1. abschnitt, dem Herrn sei's gepriesen und gedankt)

blau: mein einstieg in das studium mit der wohl hinreißendsten betitelung schlechthin:

und ein kurzer moment der innigen trauer. dies wird ein semester OHNE Sonnleitner. wie fruchtlos.


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