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she was great. amazing. beautiful. adorable. tori. - need to buy the new album. should have bought it already. didn't have the money. will spend it anyway.

the songs I remember in no particular order:

Body and Soul (American Doll Posse)
Bouncing off Clouds (American Doll Posse)
Father’s Son (American Doll Posse)
Secret Spell (American Doll Posse)
Dragon (American Doll Posse)
Professional Widow (Boys for Pele)
Caught a Little Sneeze (Boys for Pele)
You Can Bring Your Dog (American Doll Posse)
Big Wheel (American Doll Posse)
cornflake girl (Little Earthquakes)
Programmable Soda (American Doll Posse)
mother (Little Earthquakes)
Upside Down (more pink)
Liquid Diamonds (from the choirgirl hotel)
pancake (Scarlet’s Walk)
Doughnut Song (Boys for Pele)
god (little earthquakes)
precious things (Little Earthquakes)
Hey Jupiter (Boys for Pele)

she started playing at 9:15 p.m. and ended at 11:45 p.m. she is my heroine. much love.
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she is a crazy GENIUS and i love and envy her so much oh my OH MY. I want to be TORI!!!!
(and yes it's all english except for the introduction)


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man nimmt sich ja zeit...

kein warten

warten wir auf morgen
mein schatz
ein grenzenschall
purrotes einverständnis
was dort auf der straße liegt
soll's dich kümmern
soll's dir ein licht sein
soll's dir den weg weisen
wir brauchen das fenster nicht
nichts zu warten
streu federn in dein blut
schön bist du immer
und immer ohne grund

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I don't believe I went too far
I said I was willing
she said she knew what my books did not
I thought she knew what's up

Past the mission
behind the prison tower
past the mission
I once knew a hot girl
past the mission
they're closing every hour
past the mission
I smell the roses

She said they all think they know him well
she knew him better
everyone wanted something from him
I did too but I shut my mouth
he just gave me a smile

Hey they found a body
not sure it was his
still they're using his name
and she gave him shelter
and somewhere I know she knows
somewhere I know she knows
some things only she knows...

tori amos - past the mission
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I knew a boy who would
not share his bike
oh but he let me go sailing
I swore that I
could survive any storm
oh then he let me go

"Can you Launch Rockets from here?"
Boy I've done it for years
right over my head
and when I promised my hand
he promised me back
Snow Cherries from France
all that summer
we traveled the world
never leaving his own back garden
girls I didn't know
just what it could be
oh but he let me go sailing

you question me,
"Can you ride anything?"
Lord do mean like your mood swings
Invaders and Traders with
the best intentions
may convince you to go
"They look like Pirates from here"
Boy I've been one for years
just keeping my head
and when I promised my head
you promised me back
Snow Cherries from France

and then one day he said
"Girl it's been nice,
oh but I have to go sailing"
with cinnamon lips
that did not match his eyes
oh then he let me go


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