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why, yes I really don't sleep at night. it's 4:46 am over here and I just stopped playing Risen because my CPU overheated. I'd really move my tower some place ELSE - i.e. some place that isn't next to my radiator but alas there's NO SPACE in my crammed room. but I thought I'd put this annoying malfunction to good use and write a long overdue entry instead. *insert cheerful applause here*

Being a Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis fangirl I of course watched the first episodes of SGU. And dear Zeus it DOES suck, doesn't it? There is one (ONE!) character I can enjoy if I try really hard to find that little caring part of my heart to open up just a bit - it's - you might have guessed - Eli. Yeah of course he annoys me but if I had to chose a character...

Reading the forums over at televisionwithoutpity did soothe my bleeding heart... I really, really wished that I would be able to like the show without having to ignore sexist crap (well OK, it's not BLATANT sexism, but that shower-scene HOW LONG CAN ONE TAKE A SHOWER?! it lastet more than the half episode, or so it seemed... and what about the shots of Seargant Boobtastic's breasts and her perky little erect nipples showing through otherwise decent clothing. If you know me, you know that I'm a friend of boobs and porn and all those things that spice your life but it's so completely OUT OF CONTEXT and so UNNECESSARY) I mean what the HELL happened to smart and intelligent women who are sexy without having to show up naked or having to flaunt their nipples in close-up? Women like, you know, Carter for example...

And I won't even start on Lt. Horny McCathocrite...............

Oh I have not yet mentioned that the "plot" is complete crap and so -oh- so many things do not make sense (exempli gratia: why the heck don't they use the long-range-communication-stone-thingies to actually get someone USEFULL over to figure out the ship's controls, translation problems, you name it.... gah!)

Will I watch it nevertheless? Yes, at least for some time... There's still this small demon of hope whispering to me that it could get better...

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ordered pizza. too lazy to cook and frigde is empty anyway. going to watch the very last stargate sg-1 episode. spent the last weeks occasionally watching the whole series. might have to watch stargate atlantis next. and the movies. but exams are coming up so I'll be busy with reading and studying and translating Latin to German and vice versa and what not.

started to read Stiller by Max Frisch. yes I finally started to read some German "classic" literatur again. I noticed that I haven't read much yet this year and it's already June! this cannnot be tolerated! next on the list is to finish Karl Kraus' Dritte Walpurgisnacht. and there's still much to be read from my reading list for the Deutsche Literaturgeschichte 1500-1848 examn... for which I'll hopefully can still get an apointment with the Prof to actually take the exam........ as it is a course from last term.... LAZY ME! oh well...


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