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Summer holidays and such. Still looking for work. At least I did a lot of reading. Two books by Stephen Fry The Liar and The Hippopotamus - hilarious and really strange but that's to be expected. ^^ The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson (took me quite a while it's so looooong and quite taxing to read because of all the POV switches - sometimes in the middle of a sentence. It's quite mind fuck-y) speaking of mind fuck! I also read Mind Fuck by Manna Francis. I'm absolutely in love with that one. It's a dystopian gay BDSM hot mess of awesomeness. It's also available online HERE. It's the first book of the Administration Series. I bought the book and am thinking about buying the others. I also read the first five or so of her online short stories which continue the story of Mind Fuck. I highly recommend them ALL OF THEM. Of course only if you're into BDSM! ye be warned! ([ profile] dicingalice this is a MUST READ for you :D)

On the health front I'm under attack from everlasting fatigue also feeling a little dizzy from time to time. Bought some iron pills but I'm not sure if that's all. Probably going to have my blood work checked sooner or later.

And yesterday I rediscovered that I made an lj community which I had completely forgotten. It's [ profile] medieval_metal and it has no members save myself as of yet. So if you're into medieval metal, pagan folk or something similar FEEL FREE TO JOIN :D
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back from Croatia and Slowenia.

I keep promising myself to post more frequently but I'm such a lazy bum.

I'm about to finish Havemercy by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett which I'm enjoing very very much. but it has mechanical-magical dragons and a gay wizard so that doesn't really come as a surprise... ahem.
Fire from Heaven by Mary Renault seems decent so far. I've only read about one third of it. Haven't read a historical novel in ages so I'm delighted that it hasn't bored me for a second.

I'll have to stop ignoring the fact that I still have to study for exams from last term. If I start tomorrow I should have enough time to finish the books and get my literary history in order.

I'll be fangirling about my new obsession Kuroshitsuji as soon as I finish the 1st season. only 4 eps left.

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ordered pizza. too lazy to cook and frigde is empty anyway. going to watch the very last stargate sg-1 episode. spent the last weeks occasionally watching the whole series. might have to watch stargate atlantis next. and the movies. but exams are coming up so I'll be busy with reading and studying and translating Latin to German and vice versa and what not.

started to read Stiller by Max Frisch. yes I finally started to read some German "classic" literatur again. I noticed that I haven't read much yet this year and it's already June! this cannnot be tolerated! next on the list is to finish Karl Kraus' Dritte Walpurgisnacht. and there's still much to be read from my reading list for the Deutsche Literaturgeschichte 1500-1848 examn... for which I'll hopefully can still get an apointment with the Prof to actually take the exam........ as it is a course from last term.... LAZY ME! oh well...

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haven't been posting much, have I? just here to tell you that I'm still alive an' all.

short reading update: I've finished Storm Constantine's Wraeththu and it was awesome. Aside from those books (the first 3) being definitely well written with quite a larger vocabulary than I'm used to in fantasy-literature, they are also full of rich and intriguing characters and the plot leaves nothing to wish for (except the desire for even more than those 800 or so pages. which you can actually get by buying even more books that take place in the same universe - so no harm done there). If that doesn't already convince you to GO READ IT ALREADY you might have to admit that a world full of prettyful hermaphrodites, yes HERMAPHRODITES as in hermaphroditic hermaphrodites is so very worth diving into. At least I sure as hell love to screw gender. yes, go read. I will tell you time and time again. did I mention it has hermaphrodites?


that's that. other book I read: Corambis by Sarah Monette ([ profile] truepenny ) 4th and last in a series. which makes me a little SAD. but same as the other three I highly enjoyed reading it but I won't say anymore because [ profile] dicingalice  hasn't read it yet.

university-related stuff:

Latin. I really do love it. But it's WAY more difficult than in school and German Philology seems like preschool in comparison. The few lectures I'm attending this term are really time-consuming. they are:

Grundlagen der Grammatik - in which we have to translate German sentences into Latin
Lateinische Lektüre: Ovid, Amores - in which we read and translate - who would have guessed Ovid's Amores
Metrik: in which we learn how to correctly read/pronounce/chant all and anything the Latin metric system has to offer. (that's the most difficult one)

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rejoice and cry with me the tears of utter joy that every fangirl has to shed in tremendous amounts at newfound FANDOMLANDS/shinyverse whatever you may call it.

why YES, I've been sick, still am rather weak and because I'm super bored I ordered me some new fantasy that has been on my amazon wishlist for about 2 years now - it arrived two days ago and I'm already in love and all that crazy stuff that happens when you plunge head first with a fever addled brain into a new fantasy universe. it's the 3 in 1 edition of - as some of you might have already guessed by new shiny icon presiding over this entry - Storm Constantine's Wraeththu. why I haven't ordered it sooner, is beyond me but I had clearly not known what utter joy it would bring me.

at the moment I'm about to finish the first book my mind is already totally absorbed and I cannot think straight (but who'd want that anyway?) point of this entry being....... pouring out my fangirlish craze of course.

as always, I'm a wee bit afraid of teh DRAMAH that surly will smite me as I tend to get very much absorbed in the world and characters of fantasy if I'm that much in fangirly-mode but alas, that's what it's all about, isn't it? wish me luck on my journey through this new universe! may I return unscathed! dear Zeus, watch over your acolyte for thou knowest best her debauchery ways.

oh Ganymede don't distract the father of the gods too much...
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SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Shadows Return has arrived. I've never been so quick to answer the postman who usually knocks me awake by delivering books early in the morning.... it's 7:30 am --- I will be reading now. though I only fell asleep three hours ago because of the heat.

OMGYAY! I've never in ages felt that awake this early!!!!!!! ---- off to (I cannot believe it!) read (FINALLY) Shadows Retrun ^___^
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YAY I has new gay fantasy pr0n!!! ^__^

FIONA PATTON -  The Stone Prince

well it's not smutty up to now (p.112). the story is fetching the jokes are funny  hilarious and the plot is obviously aiming for drama and battle/ war and INTRIGUE! yay I say.
And I like the Companion guild. As it seems, this term appears in loads of fantasy-novels but always works differently (sometimes companions are Horses, but don't you dare call them horses.. yes it gets confusing at times). This time a Companion is trained to serve members of the nobility. You choose/buy one and he/she does the spying for you, fulfills your carnal desires, aids you here and there, gives you a massage, watches over you on your sickbed, is immensely knowledgeable,..... and of course really HOT. But there are of course complications if love gets in the way... *sigh* For a Companion's love must only hold true for their guild brothers/sisters and not their employer. Yes, now's time for the heavier *SIGH* ^^
and they are all really gay (not only the boys, which is nice!) and gender-bendy, it's great.

anyhoo... I like my new userpic. though I don't know who made it?!?!
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look I've written my first review in my new shiny review journal [profile] selectedreading it's about Sarah Monette's Mélusine. But be warned it's rather an answer to other reviews this very book got than a review per se.v
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something reminded me of this story (must've been an image I guess, though I don't recall which and where I've seen it...) and as I own the book where the story is told (it's a story IN the story "Watership Down" by Richard Adams - I just decided to share it now. 'cause I love it so much. The animated film made me fall in love with it at first 'cause it's so very sad and very beautiful.

(This kind of creation-myth is told by one of the rabbits in this tale. for most of the characters of the book are rabbits)


from chapter 6 of Watership Down by Richard Adams:


"The Story of the Blessing of El-ahrairah


            Why should he think me cruel

                Or that the is betrayed?

            I’d have him love the thing that was

                Before the world was made

                                   W.B. Yeats A Woman Young and Old


‘Long ago, Frith made the wolrd. He made all the stars too and the world is one of the stars. He made them by scattering his droppings over the sky and this is why the grass and the trees grow thick on the world. Frith makes the brooks flow. They follow him as he goes through the sky and when he leaves the sky they look for him all night. Frith made all the animals and birds, but when he first made them they were all the same. The sparrow and the kestrel were friends and they both ate seeds and flies. And the fox and the rabbit were friends and they both ate grass. And there was plenty of grass and plenty of flies, because the world was new and Frith shone down bright and warm all day.

      Now El-ahrairah was among the animals in those days and he had many wives. He had so many wives that there was no one counting them and the wives had so many young that even Frith could not count them and they ate the grass and the dandelions and the lettuces and the clover and El-ahrairah was the father of them all. … After a time the grass began to grow thin and the rabbits wandered everywhere, multiplying and eating as they went.

      Then Frith said to El-ahrairah, “Prince Rabbit, if you cannot control you people, I shall find ways to control them. So mark what I say.” But El-ahrairah would not listen and he said to Frith, “My people are the strongest in the world, for they breed faster and eat more than any of the other people. And this shows how much they love Lord Frith, for of all the animals they are the most responsive to his warmth and brightness. You must realize, my lord, how important they are and not hinder them in their beautiful lives.”





this is the myth as it's been animated in the film (1978)

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and that's the trailer:

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this is the greatest meme ever and therefore I stole it.. won't tell you where... :P

Book meme:
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

Alec grinned. - Traitor's Moon by Lynn Flewelling.

well not one of the most thrilling sentences though...

und ein deutsches Ding:

Ovid bringt das Ereignis mit einer breit geschilderten Pestepidemie auf Aigina in Zusammenhang (Metamorphosen VII 517-657). - Antike Mythologie von Gerhard Fink

auch nicht so spannend. die 2. Möglichkeit wäre ein Physiologie Lehrbuch gewesen...


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