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just came back from my Japanese Theorie 1 mid-term-exam. rather dire experience my Japanese vocabulary is still more or less nonexistent.. so yeah... but who cares about rl stuff anyway?! ^^

This entry solely exists to tell you that Dragon Age: Origins is the most awesome game in ga(y)ming history! BioWare I love you so hard right now!!! I've been playing it for a week or so now (what illegal downloads? me?! you surly jest!) and finally bought the collector's edition with shiny new fun-stuff. HOORAY!

For maximum fangirly obsession purposes I recommend: [ profile] zevran - the community dedicated to the worship of awesome Zevran "fanbait extraordinaire. Born in an Antivian whorehouse, sold at a young age to the Antivian Crows and trained by them to be an assassin, Zevran will happily hop into bed with your character if you ask. And if you don't ask, he'll do the asking." (quoted from the community info, because it made me snort^^). [ profile] dragon_age and [ profile] capslock_da. YES CAPSLOCK_DA! I LOVE CAPSLOCK COMMUNITIES! THEIR INSANITY KEEPS ME SANE!!!11!!1!!ELEVENTY!!! *cough*

look forward to fear many more Dragon Age obsessed entries in the future. full with screen caps, videos and maybe even stick-figure porn fun. for [ profile] dicingalice drew such awesome Naruto stick-figures I just might not be able to resist...
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finally I'm in the mood to write again. this news will hopefully make my dear [ profile] dicingalice  happy as it concerns M&N! amazing, isn't it. I already read the whole thing again to get into mood and "style" AND the best thing: I know what will happen next and how I want to write it. now I just have to find the time...

Latin was fun. Now we have to read Catull's Carmina. As we asked, when he would give us the reading list for the whole semester he surprised us by saying: no, he won't... there won't be a list he'll just tell us every week what we should read till net time... he's definitely a nice guy but he is strange. and he seems to hate Vergil's Aeneis... well I'm curious about his next act of strangeness.

what else. Japanese is way more difficult than I thought. Now I'm challenged and amazingly enough I like it, the challenge that is, that I like Japanese doesn't come as a surprise ^_^

I wish I could write about M&N NOW. but alas... there are three books to be read: Catull: Carmina, Andreas Gryphius: Großmütiger Rechts-Gelehrter, oder Sterbender Aemilius Paulus Papinianus (*shudder* Baroque Tragedy *shudder*), and Thomas Bernhard: Alte Meister (which is a great and hilarious book).


WS 08/09

Oct. 21st, 2008 04:13 pm
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my university timetable is becoming ever more colourful. this time red marks my major courses i.e.: German Philology stuff, purple is Philosophy, blue stands once again for Comparative Literature and my NEW AND SHINY GREEN: Classical Philology YAY! CHEERS! I'm happy I finally decided to study Latin. Don't ask why it took me so long... happy now :) - oh and ORANGE is also something new and exciting: it's a tutorial that will be going on for 2 semesters, it's at the University of Technology, Vienna (yes, it is strange) and they will teach us to read and understand Japanese in only 1 year. amazing, isn't it? I'm sure I will be talking a LOT about this course as the first lesson was already more than awesome(- if strange...).


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