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dear [ profile] dicingalice ! rejoice! chapter 19 is written. BUT I won't post it yet. I'm not sure if what happened in that chapter is really what I wanted to happen. but first Michi and then Noah got totally out of hand! it's scaring those things they do. I think there is something to Noah that I didn't know about him........ argh! mustn't spoil anything. wake me/call me!
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*exciiiiited* posted chapter 17. it stayed short. But that has to be ok. Will try to post next chapter soon. (as soon as possible.) will be needing [ profile] dicingalice 's help for th "filler" thingies. yes. It's so exciting it's almost been a year since I posted the last chapter so... it felt like a personal historical moment *lol* because, well it's been two years since we started writing this stupid but cute story and I've thought and talked about it so much -- possibly, definitely more than I talk about my "real" work i.e. the writing that I don't show anybody because it might embarrass myself OR the reader... ....... um... so excited and happy and soooooooo looking forward to reviews. I HOPE there'll be at least some! I'm afraid not many remember the story... or want to read on because it might be on hiatus AGAIN. *angsting away* -

anyways I'm curious about how all the plot points in my head will evolve and fit in the whole storyline and all. Writing with feedback is so much more fun! should do this more often (but I tell myself that all the time...)

stopping babbling now. :)

[oh and [ profile] emrebekka  : I'm soooo curious about your thoughts concerning m&n!!!!!!! --> seven exclamation marks - the sure sign of an insane mind... muahaha.]

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chapter 17. 2 1/2 pages. 2 1/2 to go. not sure how I want to proceed. will have to talk about further plot-points with [ profile] dicingalice  my ever flowing fountain of inspiration. and of course with p&k.
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finally I'm in the mood to write again. this news will hopefully make my dear [ profile] dicingalice  happy as it concerns M&N! amazing, isn't it. I already read the whole thing again to get into mood and "style" AND the best thing: I know what will happen next and how I want to write it. now I just have to find the time...

Latin was fun. Now we have to read Catull's Carmina. As we asked, when he would give us the reading list for the whole semester he surprised us by saying: no, he won't... there won't be a list he'll just tell us every week what we should read till net time... he's definitely a nice guy but he is strange. and he seems to hate Vergil's Aeneis... well I'm curious about his next act of strangeness.

what else. Japanese is way more difficult than I thought. Now I'm challenged and amazingly enough I like it, the challenge that is, that I like Japanese doesn't come as a surprise ^_^

I wish I could write about M&N NOW. but alas... there are three books to be read: Catull: Carmina, Andreas Gryphius: Großmütiger Rechts-Gelehrter, oder Sterbender Aemilius Paulus Papinianus (*shudder* Baroque Tragedy *shudder*), and Thomas Bernhard: Alte Meister (which is a great and hilarious book).


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writing is so much fun. I'm creating this nice little story with my dear friend p. (and much help from [profile] dicingalice, arigato!) and I could die laughing each time she posts a chapter. we take turns in writing the chapters - so it's like our own personal round-robin. and it's just a stupid little slash story about two random boys. BUT WE HAS FANGIRLS! maybe some day I'll post a link to the story (we put it online on one of those countless fanfiction/original fiction sites) but as of now it's TOP SECRET! 

now it's my turn to write another chapter and she left off at a very curious point. curious indeed...

btw. dear [profile] dicingalice I have completed (more or less) the sheet with the facts about m. have to show it to you anytime soon. and I could share the next plotbunnies with you my dear. but I remember you said, that you wouldn't want to be spoiled. so YOU DECIDE *grin*

OH! and they have birthdays. and we made them fit with astrological balderdash. and made a test if they fit astrologically (yep, we are strange) and they fit like !!! you-were-made-for-each-other !!!

n. is such a nice character but immensly hard to write. m. I could write him in my sleep but n.! tough boy that one... tricky... ok I'm babbling. stop.


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