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haven't been posting much, have I? just here to tell you that I'm still alive an' all.

short reading update: I've finished Storm Constantine's Wraeththu and it was awesome. Aside from those books (the first 3) being definitely well written with quite a larger vocabulary than I'm used to in fantasy-literature, they are also full of rich and intriguing characters and the plot leaves nothing to wish for (except the desire for even more than those 800 or so pages. which you can actually get by buying even more books that take place in the same universe - so no harm done there). If that doesn't already convince you to GO READ IT ALREADY you might have to admit that a world full of prettyful hermaphrodites, yes HERMAPHRODITES as in hermaphroditic hermaphrodites is so very worth diving into. At least I sure as hell love to screw gender. yes, go read. I will tell you time and time again. did I mention it has hermaphrodites?


that's that. other book I read: Corambis by Sarah Monette ([ profile] truepenny ) 4th and last in a series. which makes me a little SAD. but same as the other three I highly enjoyed reading it but I won't say anymore because [ profile] dicingalice  hasn't read it yet.

university-related stuff:

Latin. I really do love it. But it's WAY more difficult than in school and German Philology seems like preschool in comparison. The few lectures I'm attending this term are really time-consuming. they are:

Grundlagen der Grammatik - in which we have to translate German sentences into Latin
Lateinische Lektüre: Ovid, Amores - in which we read and translate - who would have guessed Ovid's Amores
Metrik: in which we learn how to correctly read/pronounce/chant all and anything the Latin metric system has to offer. (that's the most difficult one)

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finally I'm in the mood to write again. this news will hopefully make my dear [ profile] dicingalice  happy as it concerns M&N! amazing, isn't it. I already read the whole thing again to get into mood and "style" AND the best thing: I know what will happen next and how I want to write it. now I just have to find the time...

Latin was fun. Now we have to read Catull's Carmina. As we asked, when he would give us the reading list for the whole semester he surprised us by saying: no, he won't... there won't be a list he'll just tell us every week what we should read till net time... he's definitely a nice guy but he is strange. and he seems to hate Vergil's Aeneis... well I'm curious about his next act of strangeness.

what else. Japanese is way more difficult than I thought. Now I'm challenged and amazingly enough I like it, the challenge that is, that I like Japanese doesn't come as a surprise ^_^

I wish I could write about M&N NOW. but alas... there are three books to be read: Catull: Carmina, Andreas Gryphius: Großmütiger Rechts-Gelehrter, oder Sterbender Aemilius Paulus Papinianus (*shudder* Baroque Tragedy *shudder*), and Thomas Bernhard: Alte Meister (which is a great and hilarious book).


WS 08/09

Oct. 21st, 2008 04:13 pm
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my university timetable is becoming ever more colourful. this time red marks my major courses i.e.: German Philology stuff, purple is Philosophy, blue stands once again for Comparative Literature and my NEW AND SHINY GREEN: Classical Philology YAY! CHEERS! I'm happy I finally decided to study Latin. Don't ask why it took me so long... happy now :) - oh and ORANGE is also something new and exciting: it's a tutorial that will be going on for 2 semesters, it's at the University of Technology, Vienna (yes, it is strange) and they will teach us to read and understand Japanese in only 1 year. amazing, isn't it? I'm sure I will be talking a LOT about this course as the first lesson was already more than awesome(- if strange...).

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M. has passed her "Latinum". She called me right after her exam and told me she got a "2" yay! I'm so proud. And still I can't imagine wanting to be a teacher. still I aim for staying at university and working there... or maybe... I don't know. but I really want to tutor someone again. (LET ME TUTOR YOU [profile] dicingalice IT WILL BE SO MUCH FUN!!! WIRKLICH!)
It was really great to see her learning so much in so little time. and boy did she study. I couldn't have done that. I'm so glad that I had Latin in school for 6 years. I don't envy all those people who have to learn Latin for their majors.... then again I cannot imagine majoring in say German or any Roman Language or Philosophy etc. without having at least done the "Latinum". I wonder if there's something similar like this in other countries. I know it's about the same in Germany. But as for the rest...? - care to tell me?*

hum. so. as for the party on Thursday: tomorrow IKEA. then on Wednesday buying drinks and fruits and barbecueing stuff. Thursday will be filled with decorations. I hope we'll find piraty fun stuff to put all over the place. and as usual I feel like I'm forgetting something......

gah... such a strange thing to feel chatty and having nothing to talk about... and my English is lacking stile and correctness. it's time to read some English literature again. I feel myself falling out of this language. Aber dafür ist mein Deutsch zur Zeit äußerst zuverlässig... Immerhin, immerhin.

tired now.

*EDIT: tells me that the "Latinum" is nowadays only required in Germany and Switzerland, they don't say a thing about Austria, well I know it's the same here in Austria. Other European countries have gotten rid of the "Latinum" and "some" (the article doesn't state which) are thinking about "reintroducing" it. It seems that there are many pro and contra discussions going on. amazingly enough not even for Romanstic studies knowledge of Latin is required in other European countries... though it's "recommended as helpful" ita vero! ... huh. of course it's helpful. I'm happy that we seem to be among the last countries that appreciate the value of Latin. though it sounds a liiiiittle conservative... but IT'S LATIN for the gods' sake! it needs to be well conserved....
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so it's totally stressful over here. with the EM and all (we're showing most of the games via a video projector in the basement of our students' hostel), the upcoming summer fête on June 19th for which I'm more or less responsible.... and there is also my Latin tutoring for a fellow student who has to pass her "Latinum" on Friday. ---- and never forget that end of term is drawing nigh and therefore I have to study for my exams...

therefore this journal is lacking and might well be lacking updates for quite some time. I hope you're doing well my dear [profile] dicingalice, of course you may call me ANYTIME! if you feel like it. but I'm simply not capable at the moment to initiate any conversations that I don't have to have anyway - no matter how pleasurable they would surely be. (btw. what are your plans for June 19th? Matura should be over by then? If you have the time it would be great if you could come over to Vienna to enjoy our fête. We have a Motto... it's Pirates, arrrr! No we couldn't be any more innovative... we're lazy but I like it.)

as my head starts to ache and I still have to prepare for tomorrow's Latin grammar -and especially subjunctive- tutorial I'll leave it at that. I'm really sorry :( but what has to be done has to be done. and we both know how much I love Latin, even though I'm such a bloody amateur, well not that bloody but still.... - anyway, that is to change as I'm going to start taking courses at the institute for classical philology come next term! yay :D
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Iam modo iam possim contentus vivere parvo

Albius Tibullus, Elegiarum liber primus
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Rex superum Phrygii quondam Ganymedis amore
arsit, et inventum est aliquid, quod Iuppiter esse,
quam quod erat, mallet. nulla tamen alite verti
dignatur, nisi quae posset sua fulmina ferre.
nec mora, percusso mendacibus aere pennis
abripit Iliaden, qui nunc quoque pocula miscet
invitaque Iovi nectar Iunone ministrat.

[einer der gründe, warum ich ovids metamophosen als spazialthema genommen habe, trotz des wahnsinns. ich hatte vergessen, wie kunstvoll er schrieb.]
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»O beatissime lector, lava manus tuas et sic librum adprehende, leniter folia turna, longe a littera digito pone.

Quia qui nescit scribere, putat hoc esse nullum laborem.

O quam gravis est scriptura: oculos gravat, renes frangit, simul et omnia membra contristat.

Tria digita scribunt, totus corpus laborat ... «

für alle die der göttlichen sprache nicht mächtig sind )


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