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back from Croatia and Slowenia.

I keep promising myself to post more frequently but I'm such a lazy bum.

I'm about to finish Havemercy by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett which I'm enjoing very very much. but it has mechanical-magical dragons and a gay wizard so that doesn't really come as a surprise... ahem.
Fire from Heaven by Mary Renault seems decent so far. I've only read about one third of it. Haven't read a historical novel in ages so I'm delighted that it hasn't bored me for a second.

I'll have to stop ignoring the fact that I still have to study for exams from last term. If I start tomorrow I should have enough time to finish the books and get my literary history in order.

I'll be fangirling about my new obsession Kuroshitsuji as soon as I finish the 1st season. only 4 eps left.

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first day of the aninite in Vienna. yays!!! went there with [ profile] dicingalice . thankfully the crowd wasn't overwhelming but the HEAT was. Tomorrow it should be cooler.

I bought things! lookie:

daw little orochimaru-chan isn't he cute?!

oh! and I had my ultimate fangirl-moment. [ profile] dicingalice  was kind enough to talk me out of being a shy little sissy and took a photo of me with KAKASHI! *flail* why, yes such is the nature of my fangirlyness!
loooooook it's KAKASHI (and I'm too big darn it!)


still have to find an awesome Kakashi-plushie, but aside from that - I'm a very happy fangirl.

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rejoice and cry with me the tears of utter joy that every fangirl has to shed in tremendous amounts at newfound FANDOMLANDS/shinyverse whatever you may call it.

why YES, I've been sick, still am rather weak and because I'm super bored I ordered me some new fantasy that has been on my amazon wishlist for about 2 years now - it arrived two days ago and I'm already in love and all that crazy stuff that happens when you plunge head first with a fever addled brain into a new fantasy universe. it's the 3 in 1 edition of - as some of you might have already guessed by new shiny icon presiding over this entry - Storm Constantine's Wraeththu. why I haven't ordered it sooner, is beyond me but I had clearly not known what utter joy it would bring me.

at the moment I'm about to finish the first book my mind is already totally absorbed and I cannot think straight (but who'd want that anyway?) point of this entry being....... pouring out my fangirlish craze of course.

as always, I'm a wee bit afraid of teh DRAMAH that surly will smite me as I tend to get very much absorbed in the world and characters of fantasy if I'm that much in fangirly-mode but alas, that's what it's all about, isn't it? wish me luck on my journey through this new universe! may I return unscathed! dear Zeus, watch over your acolyte for thou knowest best her debauchery ways.

oh Ganymede don't distract the father of the gods too much...
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yesterday I watched Naruto. the whole day long. I guess it must've been about 8 to 9 hours. yep. my cousin presented me with the whole series now I'm watching it. japanese version with subs - just the way I like my anime.

as usual with anime iconography the bad guys are the hottest. (as you can see with this evil longhaired gentleman on the left.) but.

BUT. there's still Kakashi. quite drool-worthy himself... as you can see... on the right.

well I don't know how many of you know Naruto, have watched the anime, read the manga since day x or whatnot... - to me it's new and as I tend to be fangirly as much as humanly possible I just had to share my joy. ---- there are more pics in my scrapbook here

on reallife-news: today I FINALLY cleaned up my room, which was a mess. as usual. and it's now at least possible that I start working on my papers... HA! great isn't it? -.-

I want to buy the pink ps2 like OMG! and it's getting more expensive from week to week. still I don't have the money to buy it NOW. which makes my adventurous heart sad.


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