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I'm going to spam you more often with entries from now on! Today I phoned my father to kindly ask him to continue giving me money till I find a job that'll make me able to stand on my own two proverbial feet. He's agreed to do that till the end of this term.... herm. well better than nothing. We could talk again in 4 months he said. --- Something else on the money-front: I have another person to tutor! This time it's one of my friends living in the same house as I do, so I won't have to drive through half of Vienna to tutor her. She's Korean and is majoring in Theology. From now on I'll be giving her German lessons each Sunday.


My Dragon Age II obsession is still quite ON. I even joined a new community to celebrate my fangirling: [ profile] i_do_not_brood 


I want a new mood-theme. I still love Junjou Romantica but the pics never quite match the mood. and I'm too lazy to edit them...
So suggestions, anyone? or maybe I'll just wait for someone to make a FENRIS-mood-theme. ahhahaha the obsession, it's hilarious.

[EDIT: well this mood-pic actually is an exception. Usagi looks rather exhausted :D]
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Dragon Age II Signature Edition arrived at my home safely on Friday. Since then I have ignored any but the most basic bodily needs and had a most enjoyable game-marathon. I'm not gonna spoil anything here. Just wanted to inform you that I loved the game and that my grumpy mage fell madly in love with broody Fenris WHAT A SURPRISE! </sarcasm>

I'm seriously running out of money but that's nothing new. I make a little money with tutoring. And I need to tell my dear father that he cannot just stop giving me money (not that it's that much but any money is better than no money) without commenting on it or forewarning me about it. Nasty surprise that...

I don't really wonder why I rather delve into fictional worlds... most of the time I just can't be arsed to care about this annoying thing called reality. Damn I really need to find a job that pays the rent and food and enables me to finish my degree. I have such unique problems ^_~


BAAAAACK to Dragon Age II. Of course I'll have to give it a second playthrough. Rouge this time. Maybe I'll be able to make him a little less fugly than that mage I played with ^^

Also: it's finally getting warmer. I usually enjoy the cold seasons but right now I'm really looking forward to temperatures that allow me to sit on the balcony, writing, smoking, drinking coffee - gah, just thinking about it makes me giddy. ^_^


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