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Finally watched the unaired episode of Dollhouse S01E13 Epitaph One.

I have no words. This episode is awesome. A total mindblow and to me it was what Dollhouse should be like. Mindscrewing awesome. Of course they did not air that episode because it might have happened that someone suddenly would have thought Dollhouse might be a really cool show about what actually might happen if you create Dolls and what consequences as a whole (not "only" concerning the Dolls) that technology would and could have.

If they don't touch some of those issues this season I don't think the show deserves to come back for another. Because seriously most of the episodes suck, the issues they touch only scrap the surface of what gets unearthed in "Epitaph One". I've been asking myself why this show didn't feel innovative at all, why it never really bothered me or had me thinking about the concept of "creating humans".. Sure they make an issue about morals and most of the time try to show that it's really unethical. Well DUH of course it is. That's not really surprising. But with this episode they finally got me I'm finally fascinated. yays. problem is - as it looks now - it might well remain the only episode that manages that. But at least it gave me some tiny spark of faith that Joss Whedon really does know how to blow your mind... If only they'd let him...
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and because once I start I cannot be stopped. I finally have to bitch about Eliza Dushku in Dollhouse. That woman sadly cannot play different types of character. Why would you choose someone like her who can only portray the same kind of character again and again and again for a role where you have to play many DIFFERENT characters each episode? Dichen Lachman on the other hand makes me forget that she's actually a doll the very moment she is on screen in one of her engagements. Good casting - bad casting. yes, I know, I know Joss likes Dushku but dear Zeus! she really doesn't have any acting range at all. I'm sorry.

Episode 2x04 of Dollhouse was AWESOMESAUCE btw ^_^


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