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and with strange aeons even death may die.

spotted at and subsequently stolen from [ profile] slythwolf

What Lovecraftian terror are you?

You are Shub-Niggurath!Also called "The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young", you are worshipped by fearsome pagan witch-cults who offer you human sacrifice to earn your favor. You're also one of the few "females" in this mess.
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[now I'm lacking a cthulhu-icon.]
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Yesterday those two arrived. they were easier to find than the Stormbringer rulebook, thanks to
happy now ^^

EDIT: the only thing I'm lacking now is german character sheets. Yes all the folks I'll play with do speak english, but the adventures will be played in german as we're all from Austria and therefore it'd be nice to have german character sheets. but dear alejandro already promised to provide me with them. So that's not really a problem. Just have to meet up with him again in Upperaustria.
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how I do love holiday! instead of working my ass off with university-stuff. I watch TV-shows online and play Guild Wars the whole night long. Can it get any better? ('cept maybe for getting a real life...) but I will have that too! I'm awesome like that ^^ next week - still holidayweek YAY! - I'll first go to Upper Austria visiting dear friends and family have a "date" with the lovely cat whom I haven't seen in AGES it seems. next I'll go to Salzburg visiting my bf. we'll be wandering a bit if the weather gods can spare some grace. And finally we'll make a trip to Munich.

see I can be a geek and still socializing - all in one person.

so recently I've been watching Buffy the 1st season for the 1st time. I'm one of those kid's who's parents didn't have cable TV so I missed all the REALLY important stuff ;) now 23rd years old I finally get to see the famous Slayer. better late than never I say. but I've been the one who introduced her friends to Firelfy. that does make up a bit for the former lack...

the Naruto special (51-52) was just plain awesome (oh my Sasuke you have some issues, you know) and while watching it I had the epiphany that I'm sure most anime geeks have: NARUTO is actually the male version of SAILORMOON! y'know with him a bit not so much in the light of the bright intelligence but the much more loveable because he's such a nice guy who cares about others. And he's blond and has blue eyes... that's maybe not so significant because of... anime-colouring-schemes-stereotypyness.

aww. Naruto and Sasuke. I'm so curious what the next opening will be like! I guess it doesn't get any better than what we had ("you are my friend.... you are my dream....)

on another note: I am so going into tabletop RPGing again. I missed it like SO FUCKING MUCH. Now I'll be doing it again. I've ordered the Stormbringer 5th Edition rulebook and I have 3 people who are willing to let me be the master of their gaming. it will be so much FUN ^_____^ ... ahem... and I will scare them with Call of Chtulhu yet to be decided if I go for the classical 1920 or maybe I'll do CoC Dark Ages or 1890 or in the so-called NOW. but I guess it's best to start with the 1920 before I geek them out with CAThulhu (where you're facing the horrors of the Great Old Ones playing cute furrbally cats) - yes, must remember not to scare them with the true amount of my geekiness. must hide it, till they are hooked too. do not scare the noobs away!

and for my own pleasure I have to make my own great master Alejandro to play again in "theroom" it is love. I miss the smell of it. and it's in my hometown. it has to be one of the few good things about my home town. If you don't count people living there it IS the only good thing there. People aren't things anyway.

And to achieve these goals of much and more rpging-fun I have bought me the prettiest dice EVER. I'll post pictures later. they're that lovely. I still love my old dice, who [dice aren't people] which will stay here as part of my crappy lj-layout. yes, I DID find them they are not lost!!!

I'm so looking forward to our first game. but there is A LOT of preparing to do. better make a list, huh?

- finding a way of arranging my room so that we can get started (all must have it comfortable and good access to a table-like device for dicing, writing and general stuff, I have to have access to my laptop for the music and I have to have a place to keep my top secret notes.
- find good/matching background music (maybe I'll be able to get some form alejandro)
- be sure I have the plot, NPCs and grounds of the first adventure all in mind so that I will make a good impression with my mastering on my new group.
- know all the rules by heart.
- make minion sheets. you always get stressed out without them. monster-sheets they are your friends!
- know background, history and OMG worldbuilding! - this is still gonna be the hard part. it's quite a bit.
- somewhen in between read the actual novel by Michael Moorcock.

*sigh* I'm happy. yes, I'm a happy girl right now. it's the holiday. I always fall back to childlike behaviour in the holiday

---off to play Guild Wars---

[edit: the spell-check tells me that Cathulhu needs to be fixed into "Catholic"...]


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