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yesterday I broke my poor little pinky toe ;_; and today's the first beautiful day in AGES all with sun-shine and warmer temperatures. but guess who's not going for a walk today ;;_;;

well the doctor said it'd be better in 3-4 days. but today this little thing knows how to hurt.
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I fell ill ;_; cough, headache, fever an' all. lying in bed all the time is really BORING. but my aching head affects my eyes and I can't spend too much time reading, watching TV or in front of my computer D:

anyway. I was checking the list of reserved/reported Diplomarbeitsthemen (diploma thesis topics) for German Philology. I STILL don't know what my topic will/should be. it's not THAT urgent as I'm not yet ready to start working on it... BUT I really should be thinking about it... and therefore I started reading aforementioned list for inspiration.

I like those:

Literarische Bearbeitungen des Phaedra- Mythos
Der Dialog in Ingeborg Bachmanns Roman Malina
Deutschsprachige Star Trek-Fan Fiction. Genre, Kanäle, Motive (--> yep, Star Trek Fan Fiction -- AWESOME -- maybe I shouold write about slash fanfic? that'd be way too much fun. or I could write about media adaption: writing fanfiction for manga/anime LOL)
"Von Hexentieren, Gelehrten und Gefährten" - die Katze in der Literatur der deutschen Romantik
Ingeborg Bachmann und Ludwig Wittgensteins "Philosophische Untersuchungen"
Die Stiefmutter in den Grimmschen Märchen (I loled)
\"Seht euch die Lilien an, entspringt nicht Gatte und Gattin auf einem Stengel?\" - Androgynie in Johann Wolfgang von Goethes \"Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre\" (Arbeitstitel)
Tod und Eros in den Exilromanen Klaus Manns
Die Darstellung der Frauenfiguren in Thomas Bernhards \"Auslöschung. Ein Zerfall\"
Michel Foucault und der Homosexualitätsbegriff und der Versuch seiner Anwendung für die Analyse literarischer Texte unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Hubert Fichtes Roman \"Versuch über die Pubertät\"
NS-Sprache in der Dritten Walpurgisnacht von Karl Kraus
Pornographie und Sexualität im Frauenbild der Gegenwartsliteratur
Frauenzeitschriften im Nationalsozialismus

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random stuff, yet again XD

right now downloading 1st episode of Dollhouse the new and hopefully sparkly awesome shiny TV series by Joss Whedon <3 I'm damn curious!!

also! I finally started watching Bleach again. right now I'm watching ep 113! (ok, I admit it I skipped those damn BOUNTO-fillers)

what else? research for my college paper is eating me up - which always drives me to excessive anime-watching so my head won't explode from all that literary and scientific BLATHERING texts of highly intellectual merit. (have been cleaning my room for two days now, so there is not much left to occupy me with to avoid studying/writing.)

ya see...... I got nothing interesting to say, but I felt like updating XD ....sorry....

oh and [ profile] dicingalice  I PHYSICALLY ITCH for a good ol' pen&paper RPG session! something needs to be done!

which reminds me - if you love H.P. Lovecraft - GO READ The Bone Key by Sarah Monette[ profile] truepenny! my copy arrived on Feb. 10th and I read it in one go. it's awesome and I wish there was more! and because I'm lazy I just copy the review I wrote over at*:

"If you like Lovecraft you most probably will love this collection of interconnected stories by Sarah Monette. They are odd and enchanting.
The narrator is a museum archivist. He is a withdrawn bibliophile who tends to attract mysterious beings between life and death. Probably because he holds too much theoretical knowledge about necromancy. (And considering one particular story - it's not only theoretical...)
And I have too add that there is a story about an incubus which is particularly stirring.
I highly recommend this collection, though I'm usually not into short stories. "

* is btw AWESOME. For those who know me in rl they might also know that I'm not only obsessed with reading and buying books but also with cataloging them. Since 2000 I've got list about when I started reading which book, when I finished it and now even where and when I bought it. up to now this list was a vulgar .odt file over at it's a (not yet complete) collection of awesomeness. TRY IT OUT!


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