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Summer holidays and such. Still looking for work. At least I did a lot of reading. Two books by Stephen Fry The Liar and The Hippopotamus - hilarious and really strange but that's to be expected. ^^ The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson (took me quite a while it's so looooong and quite taxing to read because of all the POV switches - sometimes in the middle of a sentence. It's quite mind fuck-y) speaking of mind fuck! I also read Mind Fuck by Manna Francis. I'm absolutely in love with that one. It's a dystopian gay BDSM hot mess of awesomeness. It's also available online HERE. It's the first book of the Administration Series. I bought the book and am thinking about buying the others. I also read the first five or so of her online short stories which continue the story of Mind Fuck. I highly recommend them ALL OF THEM. Of course only if you're into BDSM! ye be warned! ([ profile] dicingalice this is a MUST READ for you :D)

On the health front I'm under attack from everlasting fatigue also feeling a little dizzy from time to time. Bought some iron pills but I'm not sure if that's all. Probably going to have my blood work checked sooner or later.

And yesterday I rediscovered that I made an lj community which I had completely forgotten. It's [ profile] medieval_metal and it has no members save myself as of yet. So if you're into medieval metal, pagan folk or something similar FEEL FREE TO JOIN :D
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Anne Rice crapped wrote a new book: ANGEL TIME: The Songs of the Seraphim.

No I have NOT read it. probably won't ever. but seriously Angel Assassins. ANGEL ASSASSINS!? hi-fucking-larious. (yeah, and we thought the Bible fiction was awkward...)

glimpsed @ [ profile] bookfails  here

EDIT: and even worse the Angel Assassins are a lie!
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random stuff, yet again XD

right now downloading 1st episode of Dollhouse the new and hopefully sparkly awesome shiny TV series by Joss Whedon <3 I'm damn curious!!

also! I finally started watching Bleach again. right now I'm watching ep 113! (ok, I admit it I skipped those damn BOUNTO-fillers)

what else? research for my college paper is eating me up - which always drives me to excessive anime-watching so my head won't explode from all that literary and scientific BLATHERING texts of highly intellectual merit. (have been cleaning my room for two days now, so there is not much left to occupy me with to avoid studying/writing.)

ya see...... I got nothing interesting to say, but I felt like updating XD ....sorry....

oh and [ profile] dicingalice  I PHYSICALLY ITCH for a good ol' pen&paper RPG session! something needs to be done!

which reminds me - if you love H.P. Lovecraft - GO READ The Bone Key by Sarah Monette[ profile] truepenny! my copy arrived on Feb. 10th and I read it in one go. it's awesome and I wish there was more! and because I'm lazy I just copy the review I wrote over at*:

"If you like Lovecraft you most probably will love this collection of interconnected stories by Sarah Monette. They are odd and enchanting.
The narrator is a museum archivist. He is a withdrawn bibliophile who tends to attract mysterious beings between life and death. Probably because he holds too much theoretical knowledge about necromancy. (And considering one particular story - it's not only theoretical...)
And I have too add that there is a story about an incubus which is particularly stirring.
I highly recommend this collection, though I'm usually not into short stories. "

* is btw AWESOME. For those who know me in rl they might also know that I'm not only obsessed with reading and buying books but also with cataloging them. Since 2000 I've got list about when I started reading which book, when I finished it and now even where and when I bought it. up to now this list was a vulgar .odt file over at it's a (not yet complete) collection of awesomeness. TRY IT OUT!


Dec. 9th, 2007 12:35 am
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I just orderd 4 books concerning the middle ages and castles via *happy*
sadly: "Zepter und Schellenkappe. Zur Geschichte des Hofnarrn" isn't available anymore...
  • Wörterbuch der Burgen, Schlösser und Festungen - Horst W. Böhme
  • Burgenkunde - Otto Piper
  • Die Welt des Mittelalters. Barbaren, Ketzer und Artisten - Arno Borst
  • Lebensformen im Mittelalter - Arno Borst
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YAY I has new gay fantasy pr0n!!! ^__^

FIONA PATTON -  The Stone Prince

well it's not smutty up to now (p.112). the story is fetching the jokes are funny  hilarious and the plot is obviously aiming for drama and battle/ war and INTRIGUE! yay I say.
And I like the Companion guild. As it seems, this term appears in loads of fantasy-novels but always works differently (sometimes companions are Horses, but don't you dare call them horses.. yes it gets confusing at times). This time a Companion is trained to serve members of the nobility. You choose/buy one and he/she does the spying for you, fulfills your carnal desires, aids you here and there, gives you a massage, watches over you on your sickbed, is immensely knowledgeable,..... and of course really HOT. But there are of course complications if love gets in the way... *sigh* For a Companion's love must only hold true for their guild brothers/sisters and not their employer. Yes, now's time for the heavier *SIGH* ^^
and they are all really gay (not only the boys, which is nice!) and gender-bendy, it's great.

anyhoo... I like my new userpic. though I don't know who made it?!?!
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look I've written my first review in my new shiny review journal [profile] selectedreading it's about Sarah Monette's Mélusine. But be warned it's rather an answer to other reviews this very book got than a review per se.v


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