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and because once I start I cannot be stopped. I finally have to bitch about Eliza Dushku in Dollhouse. That woman sadly cannot play different types of character. Why would you choose someone like her who can only portray the same kind of character again and again and again for a role where you have to play many DIFFERENT characters each episode? Dichen Lachman on the other hand makes me forget that she's actually a doll the very moment she is on screen in one of her engagements. Good casting - bad casting. yes, I know, I know Joss likes Dushku but dear Zeus! she really doesn't have any acting range at all. I'm sorry.

Episode 2x04 of Dollhouse was AWESOMESAUCE btw ^_^

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why, yes I really don't sleep at night. it's 4:46 am over here and I just stopped playing Risen because my CPU overheated. I'd really move my tower some place ELSE - i.e. some place that isn't next to my radiator but alas there's NO SPACE in my crammed room. but I thought I'd put this annoying malfunction to good use and write a long overdue entry instead. *insert cheerful applause here*

Being a Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis fangirl I of course watched the first episodes of SGU. And dear Zeus it DOES suck, doesn't it? There is one (ONE!) character I can enjoy if I try really hard to find that little caring part of my heart to open up just a bit - it's - you might have guessed - Eli. Yeah of course he annoys me but if I had to chose a character...

Reading the forums over at televisionwithoutpity did soothe my bleeding heart... I really, really wished that I would be able to like the show without having to ignore sexist crap (well OK, it's not BLATANT sexism, but that shower-scene HOW LONG CAN ONE TAKE A SHOWER?! it lastet more than the half episode, or so it seemed... and what about the shots of Seargant Boobtastic's breasts and her perky little erect nipples showing through otherwise decent clothing. If you know me, you know that I'm a friend of boobs and porn and all those things that spice your life but it's so completely OUT OF CONTEXT and so UNNECESSARY) I mean what the HELL happened to smart and intelligent women who are sexy without having to show up naked or having to flaunt their nipples in close-up? Women like, you know, Carter for example...

And I won't even start on Lt. Horny McCathocrite...............

Oh I have not yet mentioned that the "plot" is complete crap and so -oh- so many things do not make sense (exempli gratia: why the heck don't they use the long-range-communication-stone-thingies to actually get someone USEFULL over to figure out the ship's controls, translation problems, you name it.... gah!)

Will I watch it nevertheless? Yes, at least for some time... There's still this small demon of hope whispering to me that it could get better...

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this should really inspire me to finally (5 years have passed) finish the second part of my bible-slash story... maybe there's still hope for it?


Sep. 26th, 2009 06:26 am
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you remember this?

Lo and behold: Alice Returns!

discovered this a while ago but never got around to post about it. so it's old news but still good news.

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back from Croatia and Slowenia.

I keep promising myself to post more frequently but I'm such a lazy bum.

I'm about to finish Havemercy by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett which I'm enjoing very very much. but it has mechanical-magical dragons and a gay wizard so that doesn't really come as a surprise... ahem.
Fire from Heaven by Mary Renault seems decent so far. I've only read about one third of it. Haven't read a historical novel in ages so I'm delighted that it hasn't bored me for a second.

I'll have to stop ignoring the fact that I still have to study for exams from last term. If I start tomorrow I should have enough time to finish the books and get my literary history in order.

I'll be fangirling about my new obsession Kuroshitsuji as soon as I finish the 1st season. only 4 eps left.

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and find it the very next day again in a completely different context by pure and spooky coincidence" day

"syzygy" - yesterday I watched an X-Files episode bearing that title. today I find it in the comments to a [ profile] linguaphiles post. I don't know why but everytime this happens to me. it creeps me out a little. somehow it feels like a déjà vu only that it's, you know REAL.

does that happen to you to? and how do you feel about it?

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first day of the aninite in Vienna. yays!!! went there with [ profile] dicingalice . thankfully the crowd wasn't overwhelming but the HEAT was. Tomorrow it should be cooler.

I bought things! lookie:

daw little orochimaru-chan isn't he cute?!

oh! and I had my ultimate fangirl-moment. [ profile] dicingalice  was kind enough to talk me out of being a shy little sissy and took a photo of me with KAKASHI! *flail* why, yes such is the nature of my fangirlyness!
loooooook it's KAKASHI (and I'm too big darn it!)


still have to find an awesome Kakashi-plushie, but aside from that - I'm a very happy fangirl.

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cause you know from time to time, there just has to be one

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[ profile] dicingalice and I were putting together a list of worst books we ever read.  After some thinking and digging in boxes of books I just cannot stand to have in my shelves I finally found Vampire Vow one of the most hilariously bad gay porn books I have ever read in my life full of gay pr0n love.

and so we decided to share some gems:

it goes medias in res and these are the first sentences:

Chapter 1

I wanted Jesus. That's how it started. Yes, the Jesus they built a religion on, the one they say rose from the dead. (I should be the last creature in the world to doubt that.)
There we were, on a quite, stony hilltop overlooking the city, the stars above us, like light through pinpricks in black velvet.
Just he and I, years before the 12 dolts who formed his entourage. We huddled next to each other as we often did, and I finally asked him.
"Joshu," I whispered - that was my name for him. "Why resist this? You're always talking about the vanity of human law, about wanting to strike out against the old order."
He looked troubled, a young man of 23 still as idealistic as his disgustingly naive, dull Nazarene parents, who actually believed me, when I told them I was a Jew - I a Roman Officer serving under Pilate!
"I'm troubled," he said, he leaned back on his hands. The moonlight washed over his lean form, his fine brow betraying his sensuality as much as it did his intelligence.
"You're talking about forbidden relations."
"Forbidden to whom?" I asked. I could hear him weakening, see him eyeing my strong calves, my bulky thighs. It was hot and I had thrown off my tunic to tempt him. Nature had given me a square jaw, a cleft chin, a dark mane, eyes that could bring a vestal virgin to her knees - a cock that could keep her there.
"[...]We race along the river, buck-naked. We even bathe each other! Ours is the only ultimate bond."
Right there, the Jew temple of Jerusalem beneath us, I swore to myself that I would finally enter him - the boy prophet, the ultimate challenge, my obsession. I would enter him, the way I entered the emperor's gates after a campaign: invincible, majestic. But hailed by his groans rather than by the cries of banner-waving masses.
I reached beneath his robe.
He pulled away. "No, Victor." His voice was not without regret. "I'm not ready to throw out the law of my fathers. This cannot happen."

more cock )

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ordered pizza. too lazy to cook and frigde is empty anyway. going to watch the very last stargate sg-1 episode. spent the last weeks occasionally watching the whole series. might have to watch stargate atlantis next. and the movies. but exams are coming up so I'll be busy with reading and studying and translating Latin to German and vice versa and what not.

started to read Stiller by Max Frisch. yes I finally started to read some German "classic" literatur again. I noticed that I haven't read much yet this year and it's already June! this cannnot be tolerated! next on the list is to finish Karl Kraus' Dritte Walpurgisnacht. and there's still much to be read from my reading list for the Deutsche Literaturgeschichte 1500-1848 examn... for which I'll hopefully can still get an apointment with the Prof to actually take the exam........ as it is a course from last term.... LAZY ME! oh well...

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haven't been posting much, have I? just here to tell you that I'm still alive an' all.

short reading update: I've finished Storm Constantine's Wraeththu and it was awesome. Aside from those books (the first 3) being definitely well written with quite a larger vocabulary than I'm used to in fantasy-literature, they are also full of rich and intriguing characters and the plot leaves nothing to wish for (except the desire for even more than those 800 or so pages. which you can actually get by buying even more books that take place in the same universe - so no harm done there). If that doesn't already convince you to GO READ IT ALREADY you might have to admit that a world full of prettyful hermaphrodites, yes HERMAPHRODITES as in hermaphroditic hermaphrodites is so very worth diving into. At least I sure as hell love to screw gender. yes, go read. I will tell you time and time again. did I mention it has hermaphrodites?


that's that. other book I read: Corambis by Sarah Monette ([ profile] truepenny ) 4th and last in a series. which makes me a little SAD. but same as the other three I highly enjoyed reading it but I won't say anymore because [ profile] dicingalice  hasn't read it yet.

university-related stuff:

Latin. I really do love it. But it's WAY more difficult than in school and German Philology seems like preschool in comparison. The few lectures I'm attending this term are really time-consuming. they are:

Grundlagen der Grammatik - in which we have to translate German sentences into Latin
Lateinische Lektüre: Ovid, Amores - in which we read and translate - who would have guessed Ovid's Amores
Metrik: in which we learn how to correctly read/pronounce/chant all and anything the Latin metric system has to offer. (that's the most difficult one)

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there is no peace that I've felt so far the laughter penetrates my silence as drunken men find flaws in science

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this post is here to remind me that I wanted to make some anime/mange related icons with Tori Amos quotes on them, yes. like that one
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rejoice and cry with me the tears of utter joy that every fangirl has to shed in tremendous amounts at newfound FANDOMLANDS/shinyverse whatever you may call it.

why YES, I've been sick, still am rather weak and because I'm super bored I ordered me some new fantasy that has been on my amazon wishlist for about 2 years now - it arrived two days ago and I'm already in love and all that crazy stuff that happens when you plunge head first with a fever addled brain into a new fantasy universe. it's the 3 in 1 edition of - as some of you might have already guessed by new shiny icon presiding over this entry - Storm Constantine's Wraeththu. why I haven't ordered it sooner, is beyond me but I had clearly not known what utter joy it would bring me.

at the moment I'm about to finish the first book my mind is already totally absorbed and I cannot think straight (but who'd want that anyway?) point of this entry being....... pouring out my fangirlish craze of course.

as always, I'm a wee bit afraid of teh DRAMAH that surly will smite me as I tend to get very much absorbed in the world and characters of fantasy if I'm that much in fangirly-mode but alas, that's what it's all about, isn't it? wish me luck on my journey through this new universe! may I return unscathed! dear Zeus, watch over your acolyte for thou knowest best her debauchery ways.

oh Ganymede don't distract the father of the gods too much...
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I fell ill ;_; cough, headache, fever an' all. lying in bed all the time is really BORING. but my aching head affects my eyes and I can't spend too much time reading, watching TV or in front of my computer D:

anyway. I was checking the list of reserved/reported Diplomarbeitsthemen (diploma thesis topics) for German Philology. I STILL don't know what my topic will/should be. it's not THAT urgent as I'm not yet ready to start working on it... BUT I really should be thinking about it... and therefore I started reading aforementioned list for inspiration.

I like those:

Literarische Bearbeitungen des Phaedra- Mythos
Der Dialog in Ingeborg Bachmanns Roman Malina
Deutschsprachige Star Trek-Fan Fiction. Genre, Kanäle, Motive (--> yep, Star Trek Fan Fiction -- AWESOME -- maybe I shouold write about slash fanfic? that'd be way too much fun. or I could write about media adaption: writing fanfiction for manga/anime LOL)
"Von Hexentieren, Gelehrten und Gefährten" - die Katze in der Literatur der deutschen Romantik
Ingeborg Bachmann und Ludwig Wittgensteins "Philosophische Untersuchungen"
Die Stiefmutter in den Grimmschen Märchen (I loled)
\"Seht euch die Lilien an, entspringt nicht Gatte und Gattin auf einem Stengel?\" - Androgynie in Johann Wolfgang von Goethes \"Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre\" (Arbeitstitel)
Tod und Eros in den Exilromanen Klaus Manns
Die Darstellung der Frauenfiguren in Thomas Bernhards \"Auslöschung. Ein Zerfall\"
Michel Foucault und der Homosexualitätsbegriff und der Versuch seiner Anwendung für die Analyse literarischer Texte unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Hubert Fichtes Roman \"Versuch über die Pubertät\"
NS-Sprache in der Dritten Walpurgisnacht von Karl Kraus
Pornographie und Sexualität im Frauenbild der Gegenwartsliteratur
Frauenzeitschriften im Nationalsozialismus


Feb. 19th, 2009 03:42 pm
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dear [ profile] dicingalice ,
drunk birthday ninja!

don't get the ninja too drunk, they've got work to do!

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dhurhurhur I totally dig that XD

also joined [ profile] bleach_yaoi  ^__^ not that I have much time to read anything anytime soon, nevertheless...

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random stuff, yet again XD

right now downloading 1st episode of Dollhouse the new and hopefully sparkly awesome shiny TV series by Joss Whedon <3 I'm damn curious!!

also! I finally started watching Bleach again. right now I'm watching ep 113! (ok, I admit it I skipped those damn BOUNTO-fillers)

what else? research for my college paper is eating me up - which always drives me to excessive anime-watching so my head won't explode from all that literary and scientific BLATHERING texts of highly intellectual merit. (have been cleaning my room for two days now, so there is not much left to occupy me with to avoid studying/writing.)

ya see...... I got nothing interesting to say, but I felt like updating XD ....sorry....

oh and [ profile] dicingalice  I PHYSICALLY ITCH for a good ol' pen&paper RPG session! something needs to be done!

which reminds me - if you love H.P. Lovecraft - GO READ The Bone Key by Sarah Monette[ profile] truepenny! my copy arrived on Feb. 10th and I read it in one go. it's awesome and I wish there was more! and because I'm lazy I just copy the review I wrote over at*:

"If you like Lovecraft you most probably will love this collection of interconnected stories by Sarah Monette. They are odd and enchanting.
The narrator is a museum archivist. He is a withdrawn bibliophile who tends to attract mysterious beings between life and death. Probably because he holds too much theoretical knowledge about necromancy. (And considering one particular story - it's not only theoretical...)
And I have too add that there is a story about an incubus which is particularly stirring.
I highly recommend this collection, though I'm usually not into short stories. "

* is btw AWESOME. For those who know me in rl they might also know that I'm not only obsessed with reading and buying books but also with cataloging them. Since 2000 I've got list about when I started reading which book, when I finished it and now even where and when I bought it. up to now this list was a vulgar .odt file over at it's a (not yet complete) collection of awesomeness. TRY IT OUT!


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